It’s March and spring is almost here! From library adventures to bear spotting, this group of books will have you ready to venture out exploring on your own after reading them together.

Goose zoo

Goose Goes to the Zoo by Laura Wall

Sophie loves Goose. They are best friends, but Sophie feels bad that she has to leave Goose alone when she goes to school. Sophie takes Goose to the zoo to meet a friend. They try several different animals to no avail, but finally actually find a group of geese! Goose likes the other geese, but has Sophie made a big mistake? Find out
as you visit the zoo with Sophie and Goose. Harper, $12.99; ages 2-6

bear spotting
A Beginner’s Guide to Bear Spotting by Michelle Robinson

Journey along with a young bear spotter and search for bears. This comedic look at finding bears will have children laugh- ing as they read how this bear spotter thinks they ought to deal with bears in the woods. Even includes a warning at the end that the only bears really safe to cuddle are stuffed bears—just in case you were wondering. Bloomsbury Children’s Books, $16.99; ages 3-8

when mischief came
When Mischief Came to Town by Katrina Nannestad

Inge arrives at her grandmother’s house on a tiny island in Denmark after a terrible boat ride where a goat has eaten one of her pigtails. She doesn’t let this deter her though, she is always trying to look on the bright side. But, no matter how hard Inge tries to be good, mischief seems to find her. She gradually wins over her grumpy grandmother, makes friends, and learns to love the tiny island. A story of love, loss, and appreciating the little things in life. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $16.99, ages 9-12

bears band
Bears in a Band by Shirley Parenteau

Four little bears, four little chairs with musical instruments set out on them—a recipe for music? No, not really. The bears really don’t care if the notes are wrong, they just play away louder and louder. Will they wake up Big Brown Bear? He does wake up and joins in—as the conductor. Adorable bears, illustrated with bright playful colors, plus rhythmic, rhyming text full of sound words make this story simply sing! Candlewick Press, $15.99; ages 2-6

little card
A Big Surprise for Little Card by Charise Mericle Harper

Little Card and Long Card are waiting for the day when they will be called into action. When Little Card gets his letter, he starts training to be a birthday card. He loves his training and does a great job, but when delivery day comes, Long Card informs him that their letters got mixed up. What is his actual job? Well he’s a library card! Candlewick Press, $16.99; ages 3-7

girl gorilla
Girl & Gorilla by Rick Walton

Girl and Gorilla want to go to the park. Can they close their eyes and wish to get there? No, that doesn’t work. They try lots of different ways, as they talk and think, but none of them work. Finally, they realize that as they have been talk- ing and thinking and walking, they have walked and talked their way to the park! Bright, bold illustrations fill this book about friends, the power of imagination, and a fabulous day at the park.
Harper, $17.99; ages 4-8

Jennifer Galvin is never far from her children, a paintbrush, or a good book. You can find her on the web at