Celebrate love all year long with these wonderful books!

all kinds kissesAll Kinds of Kisses by Heather Swain
How do anteaters, humpback whales, tree frogs, or many other kinds of animals kiss? Pontificate with the author about how these and other animals kiss in this adorable book. Full of lively, vibrant illustrations. Even includes interesting, entertaining facts about the animals at the end. Feiwel and Friends, $16.99, ages 3-7

I heart youI Heart You by Meg Fleming
Soft, almost luminous illustrations fill this beautiful poem-like book. Animals play hide and seek, chase, lift, and sing with their young. Finally, a young girl is pulled in her wagon and goes on a swing with her mother who loves her.
A gorgeous book for Valentine’s Day, or any day. Beach Lane Books, $17.99, ages 3-7

adriftAdrift: An Odd Couple of Polar Bears by Jessica Olien
Karl and Hazel, polar bears that don’t think alike, are all of a sudden adrift on an ice floe together. Will they be able to get along? Find out in this delightful tale of friendship! Full of vivid, striking illustrations, and even contains information at the end about how to help and learn more about polar bears. Balzer + Bray, $17.99, ages 4-8

love isLove is by Diane Adams
When you love a duckling, eventually, after long hours of togetherness and helping the duckling grow, you have to let the duckling go into the wild. Watch this girl raise her duckling, love her and then, finally let her go. Will she come back? Will love last? Find out in this utterly charming and beautifully illustrated book that’s absolutely chock full of love! Chronicle Books, $15.99, ages 4-8

hedgehugsHedgehugs and the Hattiepillar by Steve Wilson & Lucy Tapper
Hedgehugs, Horace and Hattie, discover something interesting under a leaf. First it is an egg, then a caterpillar, and then a butterfly! Horace wonders if he and Hattie eat a lot and sleep in a soft silky bed, will they turn into something colorful and wonderful too? Find out in this fun and original book! Henry Holt and Company, $16.99; ages 4-8

heart 2 heartHeart 2 Heart by Lois Ehlert
This little love book is full of bright bold illustrations of fruits and veggies, and plays on words. From “ ‘avocado’ crush on you” to “we could be a ‘pear,’” this book is full of lots of fruit and veggie plays on words that kids and adults alike will find fun. This tiny book would make a great valentine for anyone that loves word play! Beach Lane Books, $9.99, ages 2 and up

Jennifer Galvin is never far from her children, a paintbrush, or a good book. You can find her on the web at www.jennifergalvin.com

Parents Read Too

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman
This delightful novel is getting rave reviews. Discover Ove, the neighborhood curmudgeon. When a chatty family moves in next door, and flatten his mailbox, it is the lead-in to a comical and heartwarming tale of unkempt cats, and unexpected friendship. This is a heartwarming, feel-good story that you’re sure to enjoy. Available at Amazon.com.