Plan a fantastic party using simple themes (for all ages) and handy printables to create your perfect celebration.


Bring on the warm summer months with a great time outside by the water. A pool side party is perfect in both rain or shine as your guests will be prepared to get wet and have a good time.

Create a DIY cake stand and centerpiece by stacking cake drums with pool noodles cut up to size. Wrap the noodles in printable scrapbook paper, and cut foam place mats to fit the diameter of the cake drums. The stand is perfect to present some cute Jello treats, served up in mini plastic pails.

Keep foods simple at the snack table, so guests can snack on the go. Water bottles or fresh squeezed lemonade will keep guests hydrated throughout the day. Hot dogs can be served in convenient printable snack trays. Slice up fresh fruit such as orange or watermelon wedges to have a great healthy treat alternative.

Aside from being in the pool, guests can play with bubble blowers, water balloons, squirt guns and inflatable pool toys. Party favors to match your theme... a bucket filled with pool goggles or sunglasses, mini inflatable beach ball, bubbles and/or rubber duck. For older kids consider a beach towel, a pair of flip flops or a frisbee.

pool party

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LEGO party

Our LEGO party will be a colorful day of fun centered around a mix of creative activity and yummy treats.

Keep guests amused during the party, by setting up “Creation Stations”. Activity stations could center around who can build the largest LEGO tower, or an art station filled with coloring pages and crayons. Create
a cookie decorating table where guests can build their own“LEGO”cookies. Provide colored icing tubes, rectangular sugar cookies and colored candy. Yummy fun guaranteed!

A few game ideas for your LEGO celebration:

Guess the Number
Fill a large glass jar with LEGO blocks and ask each guest to guess how many blocks are inside. Write down their guess on a piece of paper - the person whose guess comes closest to the total wins!

LEGO Chopsticks
Take two long, thin LEGO pieces to craft a pair of “chopsticks”. Cross them in an “X” shape and bind them tightly in the middle with a rubber band. Squeezing the top part of the sticks together should make the bottom halves pinch together. Fill several bowls with assorted items (marshmallows, erasers, bouncy balls and LEGOs). Guests must use their chopsticks to pick up as many objects as they can in a minute. The person with the most objects at the end wins!

For sweet favors, create take-away bags that include mini chocolate bars wrapped in brick-shaped printable candy bar wrappers. Simply place them in a clear bag and finish off with a printed bag topper.

lego party

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This party is perfect for any summer birthday (who wouldn’t want a table filled with frozen treats?) or special occasion.

The sweet treat table is the centerpiece of this party and not for the faint of heart! Alternate desserts with cake stands of various heights to display the assortment of goodies, such as mini cupcakes, sugar cookies, frozen yogurt and ice cream cones. You could add a “topping bar” to allow guests to dish out their own ice cream flavor and top it with sprinkles, whipped topping, candies and fruit. The fun is definitely in the making!

This party is certainly about satisfying a sweet tooth but if you are in need of a fun game for kids, consider playing Dessert Dash. Guests create a “ice cream cone” (this consists of a real cone, a wiffle ball and a cherry). Each guest places the cherry on top of their “cone”. Standing in a row to begin, kids race to a finish line with their cones. If a person drops the ball or the cherry, he/she needs to start over. The first to go over the finish line wins!

Party favor ideas:
• fill an ice cream cone or sundae dish with salt water taffy
• package a frosted sugar cookie in a clear plastic bag tied with pink or green gingham ribbon.
• purchase a gift certificate for one small/child cone at a local ice cream shop.

ice cream party

Party Printables: Bird’s Party, 
Photography: Lauren Nicole Studios,  Styling: Deliciously Darling,